Saturday, March 27, 2010

349. The Patissier

Passion Fruit Meringue @$6.95

Lauded as the best-seller at The Patissier. A walk to find the outlet at Ann Siang road led me to discover more places for lunch and architectural photography. The nostalgic shophouses make a good spot for classic black and white films.
The meringue was no doubt one of the best. Soft and fluffy and wrapped with passionfruit mousse and mango bits.
10% discount for members and it cost $6.20.

The Patissier
18 Ann Siang Road
#01-01 S069698

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Friday, March 5, 2010

348. Patisserie Glace

Strawberry Hill @$44 (18cm)

Take a ruler and measure. Alright, it is indeed small. The Japanese bakery has indeed attracted many office working population to its outlet at the ICON village ever since the shift there. Btw, it is probably the only outlet at ICON which I always notice that has a queue at its door at lunch hours. The cakes were expensive but it was the quality and taste of the cakes that made customers return for more.

The generous amount of strawberries on the cake was the lure and there was more. The sponge was good, it was fine. A thin layer of mascarpone was spreaded between the layers, giving the soft sponge the sweet tinge. My only dislike of the cake was the charred almond crust. Some like it, some don't.

Recommended: Rin Rin Cheese Tart - Earl Grey, Mont Blanc, Banaan Chocolat, Green Tea Tofu Chiffon

Patisserie Glace
Icon Village 12 Gopeng Street
Singapore 078877

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

347. Peony Jade Restaurant

I have not been posting any entries recently. Tied up with work and study. Let me do an entry on my CNY meal after such a long hiatus. I treated my family to Peony Jade for dinner. Surprisingly, there weren't many people.

Lotus Soup @$8/pax

I called it the auspicious soup. Contained lotus slice, pork, 1 dried oyster and the black moss of "hair" (fatt-choy). It was not very salty but I felt it was not flavourful enough. Mum kept repeating that she could have done it better. Homecooked soup versus commercialized soup?

It has an auspicious name for it as well but couldn't remember the 4 chinese words. “哈哈大笑” or what....couldn't really remember. Anyway, the manager pointed out that the prawns were more expensive for the CNY. Not taking his words into consideration, we ordered prawns anyway simply because we wanted to eat prawns. And indeed, it was very much more expensive. This dish cost $68, which meant the 6 prawns on the plate were indeed levelled up in price. But, I liked the small "abalone", made like the cold dish topshell, pretty appetizing.

Tea and camphor wood smoked duck
It smelled great. The tea infused into the duck meat but not overpowering. The smoked duck with its sakura pink meat was enough to make our saliva drool. It was a pity the hua-bao or the bun was made very small, in bite size. There was hardly enough space to wrap the duck meat dipped with the always-welcomed black plum sauce and spring onion.

Tofu with mushrooms

We also had the Hong Kong style steamed soon hock @$120. The manager had it mutated before I could even take a decent photo of it. But, it was simply delicious. The fresh fish meat simply melted in my mouth.
And last, we had the fried ee-fu noodles. I loved ee-fu noodles but I realised that my family members preferred fried rice to noodles when it comes to staple food. I thought the noodles was good, just a little oily. Sis had half the portion to herself and it made me raise my eyebrows even higher. Her petite build was just a disguise.
Total bill was $400+. With OCBC credit card entitles a 15% discount and our bill was $346+ for the 6 dishes we had. Food was good but too expensive.
Peony Jade Restaurant
Clarke Quay
Blk 3A Clarke Quay #02-02

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