Saturday, December 4, 2010

368. Table 66

It was my birthday treat. The buyer suggested Table 66 and I agreed. Have seen many rave reviews about it. Table 66 serves modern European cuisine. All of us had the set lunch which comprises of 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert and a cuppa tea or coffee. Table 66, hidden along the shophouses at tras street which some are pre-conserved war buildings. The other three chose the salad with poach egg as their starter. I tried some and was as good as it looked. Yummy.

I had the soft shell crab that was laid on top of a mixture of avocado and diced tomatoes. The mixture had a tangy taste which sort of lessen the greasy feel of the fried main. If you are a fan of soft shell crab like me, you will go for this starter. Prawn linguine. We got to know from the waitress that the dish in the next photo, that is, the chicken, is the recommended dish among the other 2 mains available. Pasta is my favourite and my eyes immediately locked against the two words, PRAWN LINGUINE. This was what I had. Linguine tossed in basil, 6 big tangy prawns and sun-dried tomatoes. Nice!

Grilled chicken if I'm not wrong. Very nicely done and it is no doubt a hot favourite. I tried a mouthful. The chicken was tender and the coating sauce had a nice chargrill taste.

Dessert - lavender panna cotta. I liked their panna cotta because the lavender taste wasn't overpowering and the panna cotta had a creamy thick texture. Completed with a nice berry sherbet to end the meal. Refreshing!

The rest had apple crepe which was filled with apple chunks. Not a bad choice either, I thought.
The set lunch was $29 which I thought was very worthwhile and definitely worth return visits.
Table 66
66 Tras Street

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

367. Paradise Dynasty

This was my favourite when I was residing in Shanghai 3 years ago. It's a die-die must have dessert for me if it's available on the menu then. It is a hot dessert. I loved the rice dumplings, especially if they were made small. So easy to chew. But, it was the fragrance of the osthamus that captured my likes. The one at Paradise Dynasty had a nice osthamus fragrance and the rice grains were well-soaked. But, the quantity was too small to satisfy my craving.
Chilled Aloe Vera @$3.50
Nice chilly dessert. If I didn't remember wrongly, there was a nice ginseng taste. Can't remember exactly if ginseng was stated on the menu.

Braised Pork Ramen @$10.80

Mixed Dumplings @$13.80

A colleague of mine was sharing with me the assorted dumplings she had and I was intrigued. In fact, I was more interested in the black truffle and foie gras dumpling after hearing what she had shared. It so happened that these dumplings were also featured on the morning papers and so I decided to have them for that day's dinner. Well, the black truffle taste was there but not really evident. Whereas for the foie gras dumpling, I felt it was a tad overpowering in taste. The dumplings were nice when hot. After a short while, they were chilled and it didn't really taste nice.

Dan Dan Noodles @$7.00
The dan dan noodles was nice! It has a nice peanuty taste and there was a tinge of sourish aftertaste which I liked as it somehow dismissed the greasiness of the peanut sauce. It was a tad spicy which I find it rather different from the other dan dan noodles. Again, I felt the quantity was quite small.

Chilled Sliced Pork @$7.50
Another of my favourite cold dish. Thinly sliced pork topped with garlic mesh. So appetizing, I thought. Never a favourite for people who dislike garlic.

Chilled Assorted Eggs @$6.00

Very nicely done. Every quarter has a fair bit of the 3 different types of eggs, that is, the salted egg, the century egg and the egg. However, me and my company thought it was quite bland despite the salted egg.

Overall, I felt the food was decent. Price looked decent but quantity was quite small for the price stated for some of the dishes.

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Paradise Dynasty

#04-12 Ion Orchard