Saturday, October 9, 2010

363. Uncle Lee's Hong Kong Noodle & Rice

The wanton mee stall in the telok blangah crescent market and food centre that is always with a queue. The owner with a greyish beard (胡须佬) managed to capture the likes of many patrons. It was highly recommended by one of my bosses and there we went to our lunch on a beautiful friday. There was a queue but nice food is always worth the wait.
Soy sauce chicken, the chicken steeped in a sweet soy based sauce. You wouldn't want to miss this. The fat tender chicken is calling out to you. I felt the marinade and the sweet braise sauce said it all. It was great. The breast meat was juicy, needless to mention the tender parts. The slight flaw lies in the chicken being not cooked through at some of the innermost areas.

Wanton mee. The noodles were good, perfect chewy, the wantons were wrapped with springy prawns, toothsome combination. The wantons' partner, Mr char siew, did the plate of wanton mee a disfavour. They didn't put up their best. It may not be the best wanton mee but it was above average.

Further 2-3 stalls away, you may also want to try the chewy handmade fishballs that were pretty good. A tad saltish though due to the uneven distribution of salt.
Comfort food for the stomach and with great company, there is no reason to reject eating!

11 Telok Blangah Cresent

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