Sunday, August 1, 2010

361. Jakarta - The Taste

It was already late afternoon after we have checked in to our rooms. Our dear friend who has been residing in Jakarta for many years, brought us to the nearest mall, Grand Indonesia, for an Indonesian meal.
Nicely presented, I felt.

Not wanting any Avocado juice, she opted for the dessert with bird nest to quench her thirst. And to be exact, jelly strips.

Fish goreng with a gravy very much like the sweet and sour sauce.

This was our second order, and.....the gravy was served in a bowl. Hmmm, so how exactly is the fish served? Everything mixed ready or fish strips and gravy separated?
Egg Telor. A mesh in the interior. Don't know what was in it except knowing it was wholly egg. It was very crispy and went well with the spicy peanutty sauce.

Kid's Meal! The mould the rice in a teddy bear shape. The kid at the table was so fascinated.

What's in there? It was fish roe, mixed with some greens and then grilled. Some liked it, some didn't.

Sambal Squid. There were 8 of us and they served us this one tweeny squid. Does it makes sense? Anyway, the sambal and squid are non-separable, they made a great pair.

Sop Betawi. This one was better than the one at Mangga Dua in my earlier post. Cumin taste was less.

We were all hungry and we didn't much care on what kind of food we were eating because our local friend knows best and decided for us. But, he was very pissed with the service. First of all, the place seemed like having no consistency and order in the way food was served. We asked for sambal chili and they only served it after we finished all of our food. Worse still, the chili wasn't sambal chili, it was just pounded chili. Then, the waiter who took our order didn't listen to what our friend was saying and he walked away when another table's customer called out for service.

Food was decent but poor service. It cost about SGD 80+ for 8 pax if I didn't remember wrongly. Price was reasonable, I thought. However, in my opinion, I wouldn't mind paying more to eat at another place with better service.

The Taste
Grand Indonesia

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