Sunday, November 14, 2010

366. Moi Lum Restaurant

A colleague of mine made reservations at Moi Lum, a quick 5 mins walking distance from our office on friday. It was to celebrate another colleague's birthday. It is always very occupied and luckily we made reservations. We chose the set menu and food was served very quickly. First was the scallop fish maw soup. I thought it was quite good because the soup had lots of ingredients and the degree of starchiness of the soup was to my liking.
This is a die-die must try dish. Braised roast pork with yam. Triggered my taste buds at the first mouth. The sauce was delicious. The roast pork juices combined with the powers of condiments showed their good relationship with the fragrant yam. This dish will go very well with plain rice.
Moi Lum's legendary cripsy fried chicken. Hmm.....nice, my heart said. Skin was very crispy, just like tissue prata.
Dessert-of-the-day was pomelo mango. Hidden underneath the yellow sea was a spoonful of mango pudding which I thought makes a nice dessert overall. Just that, the mango was sour so did the dessert a disservice.
The set menu was $168 and serves 6-7 pax.

Moi Lum Restaurant
38 Maxwell Road, Airview Building
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

365. Munch

Munch has opened another outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall recently. I have totally no idea of where Marina Bay Link Mall is and it took me some time to locate it. From afar, I heard the loud drumming and I know I'm somewhere near the outlet. The auspicious lion dance performed at the outlet gathered the curious crowd.
I tried a fair bit of the variety of salads available. In fact, I frequent Munch's first outlet quite often. It is at Robinsons road and is very near my office. I think their salads are nice. I personally like the vermicelli the most. And....I realised wild mushrooms, baby cabbages are nice too! If you have not tried Munch's salad before, I think you have to give it a try, they are good.
Thanks to Edwin for hosting.

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364. Tanjong Rhu Pau

A boss of mine raved at how good the Tanjong Rhu "yuan yang pau" was and he was surprised that I have not tried it before. "Yuan yang pau" as its name suggests, a combination of two different substances. There, in the filling was red bean paste and lotus paste, accompanied by special guest, Mr Salted Egg Yolker. The sweetness of the two paste was reduced with the salted egg yolk. The overall feel resembled eating a mooncake except it was with a flour crust.
Got to thank boss for going all the way to Tanjong Rhu to get the pau admist his busy schedule. So nice of him! It's always nice to know people who share nice food!

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