Sunday, May 25, 2008

37. Jajangmyun

Korean Jajangmyun, I made it. Haha. Made it with the black bean paste bought from korean supermarket. A little salty.

36. Sun with Moon

The kamameshi is a must-try!

Outdoor view
Mojito (Alcoholic)
Japanese cuisine. Excellent but a little pricey. Lemonade green tea free-flow for only $3.80. Good dining view.
Sun with Moon
The Central
6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Tel: 65347784
Opens: 12 pm-12am daily

35. Modesto's

Seafood Platter
Starters. Bread and olive oil.

Modesto's's food is well-worth the money. The food is priced reasonably. It serves Italian food, mainly pasta and pizzas. Ambience is good, faces the sea. 9 of us spent a total of $200.

1 HarbourFront Centre Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: 63769808

Saturday, May 24, 2008

34. Fancy Delight

These are egg tarts....Taiwanese egg tarts. Bought them from the Tanjong Pagar Plaza outlet. Not cheap. $1.20 each. Have been advertised by the Sunday Times and a couple of other newspaper. However, it is not as tasty as what I have expected. I think there are 2 selling points. Firstly, it uses a different crust, thinner than traditional ones. Secondly, there are many different flavours. I have bought their 3 orignals called "Taiwanese egg tarts" and the other 1, their new creation called the "Melting Orange Chocolate". The egg custard is not too sweet. The aftertaste is you won't feel bloated because the traditional's crust is thicker and uses more butter unlike Fancy delight's.

33. 湾仔香港奶茶店

不好吃,不知道为什么还是有蛮多人光顾。环境很港式,服务员彼此用粤语交谈。点菜到柜台然后得先付钱才送上菜,我不太喜欢。点了杯鸳鸯,很苦!因为茶,咖啡质不好。西多士 (toast) 的牛油应该是有点融化的,可是并没有。面包过硬。锔烤饭份量不一,没有注明在菜单里,而且不好吃。外送的汤不是主角但却是最好的。