Wednesday, September 1, 2010

362. Fou De Fa Fa

Jay's Pizza @$28
A little cafe tucked away at a corner of Capital Tower. I have always mistaken it to be Hibiscus, only to realise much later that Hibiscus actually belonged to the floral shop next to it. Have seen people having the skinny pizza alike pizza and it looked like I needed to find time to try it. And one fine day, I did. After much deliberation, two of us chose Jay's pizza despite that there were just 4 choices to choose from. We had no idea what is nice.
Finding seats is a challenge, especially during lunch time and there are always people who refused to move their butts even though they are done with their lunch. We didn't wait for long before the pizza arrived. So much should say so leafy. A flaky biscuit crust topped with generous chicken strips, turkey ham, sliced hard boiled egg and chili flakes. It was like having keropok with chicken strips, very much different in taste to our 'dial-a-pizza'. The later comes with more evident taste while the flaky pizza at Fou De Fa Fa is what-you-see is what-you-get. Back to the origins.
A point to note. Never underestimate that piece of flaky biscuit. Find more kakis to share the food.
Smart & Sexy @$13
That's a tacky name for a salad. Taste it and you will love it as much as you would feel like it. A mixture of greens. It looked like some plain Jane but always learn not to judge by appearance. The dressing was very compatible and it makes a good starter to whip up your appetite for the main. Ladies, you are smart & sexy!
Fou De Fa Fa
Capital Tower
168 Robinson Road

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