Monday, December 28, 2009

339. Once Upon a Milkshake

3 scoops @$7.20

We had the mocha, rum&raisin and cookies&cream. Hidden at the back of The White House at Tanjong Pagar, it was not at all unfamiliar to the working population at Tanjong Pagar. The obvious sexy purple borders accompanied the see-through window panes. It's very much you-see-what-you-get as much as the name suggested. Milkshakes and then.....there was ice-cream.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn't say the ice-cream was the mama-mia kind. But others said the milkshake was good. I have not tried it so I hold my views on that.

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Once Upon a Milkshake
Maxwell Chambers
32 Maxwell Road #01-08
Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

338. Patisserie Glace

I finally got the right time to taste Chef Yamashita so well-raved cakes. Their previous location was rather out-of-my-way so I never managed to find a good timing to turn up at the outlet even though many foodies have tried and gave the thumbs up. And now, it has shifted to Icon Village, so much nearer to me. Still, I have not tried it till today. Reason being usually after lunch, there is no room for cakes and I give up the idea of getting them.
Double Rare Cheese Mango @$4.70

Cheese and Mango, together they presented a slight sourish taste. My colleague and I both felt this cake is not very much to our liking, probably because of the sourish taste.
Mont Blanc @$5.60

We liked this best. The chestnut cream was not too rich and there was a big chestnut laden in the middle. It reminded me of the an-pan I had at Tsukiji Market, Tokyo. Yummy~

Strawberry Shortcake @$4.80

Another favourite amongst the OLs.

But still, I think Mont Blanc is the best among the 3. The fluffy sponge played an important role and it wasn't too sweet.

Patisserie Glace
12 Gopeng Street
#01-33/34 Icon Village
Singapore 078877
Tel/Fax: 6400-0247

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337. First Thai Food

Soft Shell Crab @$15

I would recommend the soft shell crab served at FTF. First of all, it wasn't very oil-laden. Secondly, the fragrant oat flakes together with the curry leaves aided the overall taste of this dish.
Fried Chicken Wings @$8

The all-time favourite.
Chicken Tom Yum Soup @$12

The tom yum soup was to my dismay not as spicy as I would thought it would be. In fact, I find the tom yum taste rather mild. Slender chicken strips made the soup not so apealing. Should have gone for the seafood tom yum instead.
Pineapple Rice @$12

The pineapple rice was with a strong buttery taste which I felt made the overall didn't taste like pineapple rice. The yellow curry paste or curcumin (if I'm not wrong) was not so evident.

Overall bill worked out to be about $65 if I didn't remember wrongly, along with 3 glasses of bandung and 2 plain rice. Price was considered economic. But, if you asked for my opinion, I would most probably pay a bit more to visit YhingThai for better quality Thai food at the other end of the row.

First Thai Food
23 Purvis Street

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

336. Pierre Hermes

Pierre Hermes Isaphan @Yen840 (~SGD13)

Yum Yum...what more can I say?

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335. DisneySea - Maple Churros

Maple Churros @Yen250 (~SGD3.90)

The saying goes curiousity kills the cat, I said curiousity makes a foodie poorer. Take a look around when you visit DisneySea. Many will be holding this stick called maple churros. It tasted like buttery pastry dipped in maple syrup, coated with a coat of sugar. It smelled great but I don't think it makes a good snack during the cold winter.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

334. DisneySea - Aladdin's Castle

Chicken Curry with rice and naan @Yen760 (SGD11.90)
It was fore-prepared so the queue moved very fast. Expensive but it was quite good. A tinge of sourness in the curry. Not the Japanese curry kind but something similiar to our Indian curry. 2 pathetic pieces of chicken. The short grain rice and naan with curry was enough for me to have this order.
Coconut Custard @Yen360 (SGD 5.65)

A tad too sweet. The coconut taste was rather strong. Sweet sugar caramel that surrounded the custard made the dessert even sweeter. Dispensable.

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333. DisneySea

Hotdog Bread @Yen380 (SGD6)

The weather was slightly chilly. Some warm food would definitely bring on the energy. There were many food kiosks located along all roads in the DisneySea. One of which sells mainly the hotdog bread. It was just hotdog bread and yes, it cost $6, no kiddin. There were packets mustard and tomato sauce but no chili sauce. That's going to bring the frown from Singaporeans. But still, it was comfort food. And guess what? My sister, the petite gal wanted another one. Who never grows fat during winter?

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332. Kuriya Dining, Tokyo

Mentaiko, Cream Crab Croquette @Yen138(SGD 2.20)

Alas! I'm back from Tokyo. Have not been blogging for some time. Bad times. Laptop spoilt. Worse still, my photos looked worse than before so I didn't bother to watermark them.

Croquettes from Takashimaya, Tokyo. I was shocked when I saw the crowd at the basement of Takashimaya, the food level. I was even more shocked when I saw the prices and the people were buying like there's a sale. Geez.

Anyway, the croquettes looked so appealing, they tricked me into buying them off the display cabinet. And yet....well, it wasn't hot so it was not like what they looked.

Prawn & Salmon Salad @Yen 767 (SGD12)

I always have the habit of getting for myself a salad while having my holidays overseas. Reason being it seemed that most of the times we hardly had any greens as we feasted on the meat and snacks.

Takashimaya Basement 1
Shinjyuku, Tokyo

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