Tuesday, December 22, 2009

337. First Thai Food

Soft Shell Crab @$15

I would recommend the soft shell crab served at FTF. First of all, it wasn't very oil-laden. Secondly, the fragrant oat flakes together with the curry leaves aided the overall taste of this dish.
Fried Chicken Wings @$8

The all-time favourite.
Chicken Tom Yum Soup @$12

The tom yum soup was to my dismay not as spicy as I would thought it would be. In fact, I find the tom yum taste rather mild. Slender chicken strips made the soup not so apealing. Should have gone for the seafood tom yum instead.
Pineapple Rice @$12

The pineapple rice was with a strong buttery taste which I felt made the overall didn't taste like pineapple rice. The yellow curry paste or curcumin (if I'm not wrong) was not so evident.

Overall bill worked out to be about $65 if I didn't remember wrongly, along with 3 glasses of bandung and 2 plain rice. Price was considered economic. But, if you asked for my opinion, I would most probably pay a bit more to visit YhingThai for better quality Thai food at the other end of the row.

First Thai Food
23 Purvis Street

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