Saturday, May 24, 2008

34. Fancy Delight

These are egg tarts....Taiwanese egg tarts. Bought them from the Tanjong Pagar Plaza outlet. Not cheap. $1.20 each. Have been advertised by the Sunday Times and a couple of other newspaper. However, it is not as tasty as what I have expected. I think there are 2 selling points. Firstly, it uses a different crust, thinner than traditional ones. Secondly, there are many different flavours. I have bought their 3 orignals called "Taiwanese egg tarts" and the other 1, their new creation called the "Melting Orange Chocolate". The egg custard is not too sweet. The aftertaste is you won't feel bloated because the traditional's crust is thicker and uses more butter unlike Fancy delight's.

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