Friday, August 22, 2008

54. Taiwan - 吉元酒家

chye-po egg
吉元酒家 is located at shilin night market. Wondering why would I go for a restaurant when I could easily fill my stomach with the wide varieties of snacks available at this night market? I have got travel companions who can't do without a proper meal. A proper meal....rice with dishes. Haha.
I liked the 三杯 tofu. It was so good that I kept attacking it. It was a big pot but we finished it. The chye-po egg was a complimentary. I think they must have thought some HK food reporters arrived at their shop? All eyes were on us when we were there with the camera. They had thought we were hongkongers and we didn't want to explain we were not because we wanted to eat the food before our eyes. Haha.
The roasted chicken was served with squared pickled radish. Usually, in singapore, roasted chicken was served with achar, a variety of pickled cucumber, carrot and white radish.
The food there was reasonably good. One thing I didn't like was the waiters, waitresses and even the kitchen staffs were like staring at us while we have our meal. They had a open concept kitchen. Our bill totalled up to app NT1200 (SGD55). Considered pretty cheap for a restaurant's standard.


  1. hahaha! go taiwan must snack, i think i hardly went for a "proper meal" when i was there last year. lol


  2. Yeah! Taiwan has lotsa snacks...It's not a bad idea to have a 'proper meal' too....because you don't have to queue. Haha.