Friday, August 29, 2008

73. Old Swee Kee Chicken Rice

Hainanese pork chop @$10
Hainanese mixed vegetables @$10
Kampong chicken @$20

Hainanese chicken rice. A favourite among many singaporeans and even tourists. A week before Singapore's National day, my mum passed me a newspaper advertisement and she said she wanted to try the food at that place. It was old swee kee chicken rice. Doctor blogger's blog has a few entries on this place too. He went to the one, originally at North Bridge road but was closed down and also this new outlet at Joo Chiat.
How can the chicken rice do without the chilli sauce? But I was pretty disappointment with their chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was quite watery and they added oil to it. It will be better if the chilli sauce is made pulp type like those in boon tong kee. Extra information from Doctor's blog entry about this place was we can request for the extra hot chilli sauce. And so I did. It was hot, I supposed it was made from chilli padi. But still, not so yummy shiok. Haha.
Ordered the kampong chicken between the choice of kampong chicken and the normal chicken. I asked my mum, a chicken infatuated eater, what is the difference between kampong chicken and normal chicken? The former has more tender and juicy meat and their skin is thinner because the kampong chickens are allowed to roam freely whereas the normal chickens are cooped in their coop. Well, I felt the chicken was just so-so and not really succulent. 3/5
I would give thumbs up for the rice. Fragrant. 4/5
Besides chicken rice, Old Swee Kee sells other dishes as well. The hainanese pork chop was said to be their signature dish by the waitress who served me. Wait? Isn't chicken rice their signature dish? The hainanese pork chop was also so-so. Onions was cooked in starch to make the sauce dripped over the pork chop. I felt it was nothing special. It was like nomal pork chops we have at tze char stalls. Same goes for the mixed vegetables. 3/5
My bill totalled up to $47.50 for 4 persons.
Old Swee Kee Restaurant
131 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427416
Tel: 6440 9037
Opens daily from 11am - 10pm
Closed fornightly on mondays

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