Friday, October 31, 2008

154. Scoopz

It has been at the basement of Jurong Point for quite some time but I have never bought a scoop from it before. I happened to pass by so I decided to join the queue to get a scoop.
They have quite a range to choose from. Some flavours I have never seen before. The brown beer flavour.
Frankly speaking, the ice-cream didn't look very appetizing to me. It's like pure ice-cream even though they stated more real fruits. I couldn't really see the fruits in the ice-cream. Not like other ice-cream or gelato, their ice-cream is like full of nuts, fruits and tempting.

Then again, Scoopz is a healthier choice of ice-cream over the Haagen Daaz, B&J and etc which are fattening.

Mint & Cookies Flavour @$2.70/scoop
Indeed the ice-cream was really less sugar because it wasn't sweet at all. A mild mint flavour but with generous amount of cookies in it. There were chocolate chips in the ice-cream too.
Next time, I shall try the brown beer. Is it really beer?
Jurong Point

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