Saturday, November 29, 2008

186. Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant

It was a dinner cum supper by the time a couple of us reached T3. It was the last order. Since it was late, we decided not to eat to our fill. Every crystal jade outlet has a different standard and I think this outlet at T3 is one of the best. Located at level 2 of the viewing mall, diners see the overall view of the main lobby, the registering counters.

Zha Jiang Mian @$7.50

It was delicious. Their version was spicier and the meaty gravy was in excess. I didn't like the noodles to be drowned in the meaty gravy. My ideal zha jiang mian would be an appropriate amount of meat gravy which coated the noodles sufficiently and not in excess. I felt it lacked the fragrance because it was covered by the spiciness and most probably, they missed out the mushrooms. I felt adding mushrooms to zha jiang mian made the noodles more palatable. I preferred the one from The Asian Kitchen to this. But, the texture of the noodles from Crystal Jade was better to The Asian Kitchen's.
Xiao Long Bao @$5.50

I was quite disappointed with their xiao long bao. It wasn't the best I have tasted so far. Well, I thought this is one of Crystal Jade's best dish. It appeared to be just a so-so.
The skin could have been made thinner and the meat filling mixed with more ingredients to enhance the flavour and texture. I felt the filling appeared just like a ball of minced meat mixed with starch.

Pan-Fried Dumplings @$4

I thought it looked good but looks are deceiving. I felt the filling was too much. The bloated dumpling made the overall taste rather rough.

Red Bean Pancake @$6
I'm loving it! I seldom order this because I always felt they came oil-laden. Crispy on the exterior and the hot and finely ground red bean paste oozed out as you lift them up with your chopsticks. The thickness of the crepes was quite appropriate for the amount of red bean paste. The red bean paste wasn't too sweet. Most importantly, the pancake wasn't oil-laden. Shiok!

The bill worked out to be $28.13.

Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Viewing Mall Central
Level 3
Tel: 6241 8468

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