Sunday, May 24, 2009

263. Winkz Winkz Cafe

Chicken wings and fillets w specially created mayonnaise sauce

The chicken was duper hot, freshly delivered from the deep fryer. This chicken wing's texture was akin to the KFC's fiery devil drumlets (N years ago) except that the interior was juicier and the exterior, made a tad crispier. The fiery hot index wasn't high though the appearance seemed that a speckle of chili powder had coated the exterior. However, the salty index was definitely 1 step or 2 to the peak. Tasted it carefully, the focus of the taste laid on the exterior. The specially created mayonnaise dip was light and with a tinge of sourness (I suppose lime or lemon was added), improved the overall taste of the chicken wings and fillets. Eliminated the greasiness, not the saltiness. Too much chicken seasoning powder?
Tuna (top) Chicken (bottom) filo pastries
Next were the filo pastries. It was my first time to taste filo pastries. I have yet to see snack outlets or cafes selling filo pastries. Fillings wrapped in skin of tissue thickness. The skin was so thin and fried till so crispy that even a slightest touch is not going to leave it unharmed. If you ask me, I am definitely going to forgo my buttery crust chicken pies and etc for the filo pastries. The filo pastries were not as buttery but strange, there was a mild butter fragrance. The tuna was a tad too spicy and I felt it is definitely not suitable for children. Luckily, one can request for the tuna filling with no chili. The other filo pastry with chicken filling misled the food tasters to think curry powder was added but it wasn't. Spices do wonders. Average, I thought. High votes went to the tuna filo pastry.
Samosa alike filo pastry with potato filling. The filling was pretty bland. I felt if this was served first, we may not have thought so. Our tongues were numbed by the excessive saltiness in the fried chicken and spiciness from the tuna filling filo pastry.
FQ is honoured to be part of Mediacorp's filming for [Buzzing Cashier's 2] which is going to be aired soon. The first episode was at this small outlet which is located in the bus interchange in Hougang. This outlet faces competition from the 'M' giant fast food chain and economic canteen for the bus drivers. The lady boss's mismanagement put herself deeply into debt. The cafe will be closing in a month's time if she had not sought BC2's help.
It was a fun experience to see how a variety show was filmed. Kym was very bubbly, Quan yi feng was very vocal and Zhou chong qing was admirable (he did not mind his artiste background but rendered help whenever he can).
Thanks to Kim, the executive producer for inviting me to the food tasting for BC2.

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Winkz Winkz Cafe
Hougang Bus Interchange
Blk 840 #01-08

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