Tuesday, July 7, 2009

293. Germany's Erhmann Yogurt

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German consortium Ehrmann, a family-owned cremery, is a famous yogurt producer in Germany and across Russia. I suppose not many in Singapore have come across this brand of Yogurt.
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Yoginos Classic, 2 for $3.80, raspberry and cherry flavours
It is a heat-treated fermented milk dessert with 3.5% fat in the milk content. Extra light and was more diluted than our common yogurt. Preservatives-free. Small content but rich and indulgent flavour with health properties. Slightly pricier but still not a bad choice for a dessert replacement.
I got the yogurt from a shop which sells mainly organic foods, Sunny Choice. Time to slip in a healthy dessert to your menu?

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Sunny Choice
The Rail Mall
Tel: 6892 2383

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