Thursday, July 9, 2009

295. Lai Lai Family Restaurant

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It was a lazy weekday afternoon, it so happened that a friend is free from work so we went out for a grab and did some grocery shopping. Went Lai Lai, another outlet at Jurong Point. My friend had the mee-sua, tofu with minced meat and a glass of pearl milk tea. Looking at her mee-sua made me reminisce of Taiwan's A-zong mee-sua at Xi Men Ding. The patrons hold the hot bowl of starchy mee-sua in their hands and eat it whilst standing. I did not try Lai Lai's so I have no idea if it was on par to A-zong's.

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Chef Salad
Eating at a timing after lunch and before dinner, what is this meal called? A few days ago, I saw a review on tea. And it was mentioned that Singaporeans usually call this meal HIGH-TEA but it was wrong!

HIGH-TEA - A meal eaten in the late afternoon, probably after 6pm.
The correct answer should be AFTERNOON TEA.

And so...I decided a salad seemed to be the best option. Lai Lai's 2-5pm special deal. I had the chef salad along with a side dish and a fruit freeze at $6.90. The salad was good, a mixture of red, green and yellow capsium, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage and roasted melon seeds. But I didn't like the vinegrette dressing. A tad too sour.
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Fried Century Egg Wedges

It didn't look appealing with the coated skin. Taste was just so-so. Nothing special in particular, just probably another way of presenting the century egg.
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Banana Freeze w/ konnyaku Jelly

I had the banana freeze. Banana is good. Aids digestion. With the colourful cubes of konnyaku jelly, the drink is made interesting. Also, those cubes gave the freeze texture.
I think the 2-5pm special deal at $6.90, available only for the weekdays, is worthed the money. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to enjoy this deal because we are occupied with work. Well, you can, if you are 'free'.
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Lai Lai Family Restaurant

Jurong Point

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