Thursday, September 25, 2008

106. Yong Tau Food

Kway tiao (dry) is my usual order if I were to eat from the noodles stall. If I eat yong tau foo, it would have to be dry too. But my mum ordered soup yong tau foo and I make do with it. How to judge which yong tau foo is good? I think it all boils down to the soup and the sauces. The bittergourd, green pepper, chilli and etc were all pretty much the same for every yong tau foo stall, unless they made their own yong tau foo like wantons, ngoh hiang etc, that would become a comparable item. The soup was good. Sweet and clear broth. 7 pieces of yong tau foo for only $3. It was cheap. Only at markets, can you get such rate.

They also have the curry base yong tau foo. The curry base wasn't too heavy on its coconut content. It lacked the punch.

Lao Fu Zi Yong Tau Foo
Blk 254 Street 24 Jurong East Food Market

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