Wednesday, September 10, 2008

86. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Ice blended lychee drink @$6.60 (Regular size)
Latest creation from Coffee Bean. Was intending to get a cuppa mocha but saw and bought this instead. The lychee wasn't too sweet but I think vanilla powder was added which made the drink very frothy. Why vanilla powder? They are selling tubs of vanilla and chocolate powder at their small retail corners which you can make your own mocha or vanilla at home. Those are a bit like the instant chocolate powder we saw at the supermarkets. So quick and easy. But it wasn't cheap though. $14.50 per tub.

Mushroom and sausage quiche @$4.90

Quiche is a sinful food. The cheese and butter crust everything. If you ain't working out, please start tomorrow. I saw the food tag which said freshly baked mushroom and sausage quiche and I thought is it really so? It was 12pm then. Anyway, it was taken out from the fridge and I turned down the offer of heating it up. It would have turn cold too by the time I reached home. The quiche wasn't good. The cheese was sort of like concentrated at the bottom of the quiche and it was a bit bitter. I'm not sure if I was wrong about the taste. I think the quiches from Swiss Bake are better.

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