Thursday, September 11, 2008

88. Hooked! II

Steamed red snapper in whitewine, lemongrass and garlic fish broth @$17.90

This is a dish that was featured in the straits time, I got to know this from the menu. I'm pretty particular when it comes to fish. Partly because the fish at my home were all freshly hooked from the sea (not from kelong = not reared) and not those that were sold at the market. The difference in taste between them, the former, the meat is sweeter and a mouth of it, you'll understand what it meant by fresh fish.

I felt the red snapper was steamed for too long such that its meat turned hard, not the type that melts in your mouth. The fish was steamed with the foil covered. But the dish turned cold very fast due to the wide surface of the dish. The broth was worth commending. I hope it wasn't a result of MSG. The dish comes with a choice of linguine/rice. I opted for linguine. One thing I don't get it was sambal chilli was served too. Was it for the linguine or fish? Usually steamed fish is not eaten with sambal chilli unless they are steamed together to make nyona-style steamed fish right? I'm confused though. So, this is a western or chinese dish? Haha.

Psss...A fish bone poked into my gums and heng! it didn't go down the throat.

Tuna-salmon tapas @$8.90

The appetizer. I think it's quite expensive for 3 small tapas at $8.90. Salmon roll with tuna fillings on crackers. The salmon was slightly cooked. It was good.

Fish & Chips @$12.90

All-time favourite fish & chips. We can choose either the dory fish or the red snapper. Personally I felt that dory fish makes a better choice to go into the batter. Haha. Well, at least the fish & chips was much worthwhile than the one at swensen's.

There is no service charge at Hooked! But if there is, I guess many will complain. I was there at 7.30pm, quite a lot of people unlike the other restaurants next door. I'm not sure if the waiters are all too busy or they just can't be bothered. I asked for iced water before ordering and admist of eating but they just didn't serve us the water. When we finished our food, the water was still not served and we didn't want it anymore. Haha. We waited for about 15 minutes for our food to be served but no cutlery was given. The table next to us had their fish & chips served but no sauces was given. They requested for the tartar and tomato sauce and they waited at least 8 minutes for that. Service is not thoughtful enough.


The Railmall

390 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Tel: 67655336

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