Saturday, September 13, 2008

91. Honjin Japanese Restaurant

I was browsing through my food pictures folder and I came across this. I realised I didn't blog on this. This was eaten about 9 months ago. My friend recommended this Honjin Japanese Restaurant. We went for the buffet. The food was so-so only. It was cheap though, at about $30+ per pax, considering you can have sashimi at free flow. But when more and more people came, it seemed that their sashimi was in great demand. The second serving of sashimi which we ordered was taken out of the fridge, yet defrozed. We could still taste the frozen part of the fish. They had grilled food, sashimi, hotpot, sushi and tempura food. Desserts were only ice-cream and the mochi with jelly. I still remembered all of us ate at least 3 sets of desserts each. We loved the mochi. They only had the fish hotpot on the day that I went. But it wasn't good.

The place was pretty cosy. Just that some of the waitresses got a bit annoyed when we kept ordering more food. Haha. Some of the credit cards can be used in this restaurant for discounts, do check this out to enjoy more privileges!

Honjin Japanese Restaurant
140 Robinson Road
#01-00 Chow House
Tel: 6222 2243

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