Wednesday, October 8, 2008

124. Making of Steamed Egg Cake

After umpteenth times of failure on making the skin of the Teochew png kueh, my mum turned her enthusiasm into making steamed egg cake. It's a big fuss when you don't use a electric beater. Manually, can you believe it? Imagine beating the eggs for 1 hour non-stop. Kudos to the early women who made such cakes. I bet their cakes tasted salty, from the beads of perspiration dripped into the mixture. Haha. Just kidding. Their cakes definitely tasted nice because they were made with so much efforts.
Luckily, the steamed egg cakes did huat. Huat meant the split on the cake's surface. In traditional baking, if your steamed egg cake didn't have the splits, it means it is not a successful attempt.


  1. hi, care to share the recipe and methods to make this steamed egg sponge cake? thanks..

  2. Hi, I have been searching for traditional Chinese Steam Egg Cake recipe and saw your. Very successful cake you had made. Can share your steam egg cake recipe with me?

  3. Hi, was searching for the recipe to your yummy-li-cious steamed egg cake but couldnt see any.. willing to share the goodness, and erh calories?? ha ha :p