Wednesday, October 8, 2008

123. Sunview Organically Grown Raisins

15oz (425g) for $6.50

Are you a fan of raisins? Then you may want to put your Sun Maid raisin aside and try this Sunview organically grown raisins! Sunview is from California. When it comes to raisins, it seems like Sun Maid becomes the most easily available choice.
1 difference I have noticed between Sunview and Sun Maid was on Sun Maid raisins, you will see a whitish layer on the skin of the raisins. I guess it could be due to the remains of synthetic pesticides? Not too sure about it. But look at those of Sunview's. It's clean. Organically grown. They are definitely the more tantalizing raisins to munch on.
What's more, Sunview's raisins are in jumbo size. Wow....they ain't any least bit inferior to the big raisins I have bought from Japan.
Sunview raisins should be available in all big supermarkets.


  1. I tried these raisens purchased from a local food chain (Meigers Stores) AWESOME!...I bought the Black Jumbo seedless! I finished them off in a weeks time! I was addicted!..I go "happily " back to the store and "They dicontinued the brand!! I was "sick" about it...They had one canister of the red left...But these "did not COMPARE to the Black,,,I've been searching stores...I just "have to find them.....

  2. Well, dear person who loves the black raisins, you can just google Sunview rainsins, they send you 12 cans for 45 dollars including shipping! And they taste sooooo good, the green , the red, and the black! Good luck!

  3. Love Sunview Raisons! Best raisons on the market! Thanks for doing this and for supporting high quality food.