Monday, October 6, 2008

122. Sheng Kee Seafood Garden II

Fried Seafood Tofu @$10
The fried seafood tofu was quite good. Crispy on the exterior. They used the batter which was same as those on goreng pisang. Luckily, they weren't oil-laden.

Yam Ring @$12

The yam ring was slightly sweet because I think they added sugar to the yam. It was quite good. I find the yam ring slightly over-fried. The colour of the yam ring seemed to be any minute later, it's going to be charred.

Flower crab @$10

Don't be mistaken. How could you get such a large plate of flower crabs for $10. We provided the flower crabs ourselves and asked the chefs to cook for us. We wanted black pepper style. It wasn't to my liking. It wasn't spicy and I find it a tad too salty.

Shen Ji Seafood Garden
Blk 177 #01-247 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8
Singapore 650177
Tel: 64252792

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