Tuesday, October 21, 2008

143. Lam's Noodles House

A picture speaks a thousand words and it works very well for someone like me who isn't considered a literary talented person. Didn't have my camera phone nor camera with me so I didn't manage to capture a shot of the Lam's noodles. Lam's Noodles House is located in a coffeeshop next to the Arena Club. I have been to the coffeeshop a few times. Their noodles seem to be famous and I didn't know they had a stall at the coffeeshop until this morning. It was patronised by quite a number of celebrities. The famous local Lee song composers and food variety show hosts took photos with the boss. Quite a lot of people ate their noodles.
The noodles they are selling are quite different. Shark fins noodles, abalone noodles....priced at $6 and up. Bak cuo mee seems to be the more normal bowl for breakfast. So, I queue for their bak cuo mee.
The quantity of the noodles is not any bigger than a piece of a traditional baked mooncake. No mushrooms, just some minced meat, a meatball and some crispy fried pork lard as toppings. Oh my god! It was so expensive. The guys could just finish the noodles in 3 mouths. It was not fulfilling at all. However, sometime to praise about was the noodles wasn't very oily. Many times, the bowl of bak cuo mee that I have eaten elsewhere was oil-laden. A result of the chili and the sesame oil.
Coffeeshop next to The Arena Club
511 Upper Jurong Road

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