Tuesday, October 21, 2008

142. Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi (SS), they have improved and is still improving. I had my dinner at SS yesterday. I was famished. My thoughts were to eat up all the sushi on the maneuvering conveyor belt. It was quite a period since my last visit to SS. The last visit was to the newly opened branch in my school, NTU. The environment there is pretty much different from the outlets at shopping malls. Besides, the usual conveyor belt and the teppanyaki area, there is also the cosy area where diners sit on colourful bean bags and wear their SS's frog bedroom slippers. So cute! Also, there is a private Japanese style dining area for group dining. Not on tatami but a space was created under the table to allow room for the legs. What's more. The food at NTU's branch is nett priced.

Like a veggie roll. The skin is white radish. I find this quite healthy but didn't work out for me because I didn't like the fried thingy they had in the roll.
Salmon belly sukiyaki @$13.99
This was labelled as a new item. It wasn't a wow. The miso base was slightly salty. The fire wasn't strong enough and after waiting for about 5-8 minutes, the soup became hotter but didn't boil. The veggie stalks were hard. I think SS can improve further on this. But the salmon belly was delicious. So fatty. Rich in omega huh?

Ika with kimuchi @$8.99

The Ika, also a new item, comes free with the DBS credit/debit card promotion. The promotion is only for new items. It's a order 1 and get another 1 free. The higher priced item will be charged; cheaper item is free. I find the kimuchi sauce a tad too sour. With the mayonnaise, I grow sick of it the more I eat.

Unagi sushi

I was pretty full by the time I took this from the conveyor belt. The unagi seemed to be calling out to me. But, I was deceived. Argh. It was so hard. And underneath the unagi, I found charred remains.

Flossy @$2.29

The name of this sushi did spark some amusement. I have no idea why it was named flossy. Probably the seaweed and roe somehow created a flossy feel?

Chawanmushi @$2.29

I still think Sakae serves one of the best chawanmushi. The steamed egg was smooth.

Agedashi Tofu @$2.29
Soft shell crab sushi @$2.29

I like the soft shell crab sushi. The soft shell crab wasn't oil-laden. But the amount of it rolled up in the sushi didn't give me the oomph effect. I felt it was a little dry. Maybe they can squeeze some mayonnaise in the roll?


  1. pulau boon lay = NTU ??

    Yes, I'm from NTU :D

  2. cool! i knew i wouldnt be e only food blogger in ntu. Haha. Maybe we could organise an ntu food blogger gathering if there are more of us around.

  3. Yeah! Good idea. Let's see who else comes along~