Tuesday, October 21, 2008

145. Obolo

Cakes...it's no longer just the taste, we are talking about more than this. Bakery/confectionery sounds so obiang (outdated), nowadays we want it to be classier. So, we have brand names like Bakerzin, Canele and here, Obolo, associating themselves with patisserie, boutiques and not bakery/confectionery. And in these boutiques, no butter/pandan cakes but cakes which are made the French way. Cakes with French names. French pastries.
Over at Obolo, it occupies a space no bigger than a 4-flat HDB living room but the loud red counter and the flowery wallpaper made it a cosy place. The slim pickings of cakes in the display didn't make me reject the idea of buying one to eat. They looked so delicious.

And so, I got one of their best-sellers - Noisette @$6.70/slice (w/o GST).

Noisette meant flavoured or made with hazelnuts. At Obolo, their Noisette is a piece of dark chocolate mousse, added caramelized toasted hazelnuts and a layer of crunchy praline feullitine at the bottom. The Noisette was rich in taste. The hazelnuts were very crunchy but I felt the amount of hazelnuts could be increased. Else, why the name, Noisette?

The dark chocolate was bittersweet. I like the layer of praline feullitine. Added the crunch to the chocolate mousse. Again, I felt the layer of praline feullitine was not thick enough. The taste was a bit like eating the Loacker's chocolate wafers but lacked the oomph. Frankly speaking, I felt it wasn't so much of a genoise. I find the sponge layer slightly dry and a little too thick. My preference of Noisette is quite a bit of minus and add the thickness of the layers here and there.

After reading Evan's blog and how her wonderful macaron pictures looked, I wished for a macaron. I asked the guy at the counter which is the best selling macaron and he said this. The dark chocolate macaron @$1.80 each.

I felt the dark chocolate layer was slightly too thick. The bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate overpowered the taste of the macaron.

452 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427665
Tel: 6348 9791

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thur: 12.30pm - 9.30pm
Fri: 12.30pm - 10pm
Sat: 11.30am - 10pm
Sun: 11.30am - 9.30pm
Closed on Mon & PH



  1. You got to try Evan's macarons :)
    It is really fantastic...

    If you like hazelnut, you might wanna try Caraibe, more hazelnuts and higher chocolate richness but due to its high chocolate content, it might be dry to your liking...

    If you like moist chocolate mousse with a thicker hazelnut praline, you wouldn't want to miss out Hazelnut Royatine :)

  2. Hi Fen,Ya...Evan's macarons are very tempting. I enquired about them some time ago. Going to find a day which I'm free so I can go down to Sembawang to collect. Haha. Thanks! :P

  3. every patisserie has its strong selling product. For obolo its their cheesecakes. I have tried their cheesecakes among the others and still think they are strongest in their cheesecakes. but of cos, seeing so many cakes on display it is always difficult to persuade a sweet tooth to ignore the rest!


  4. Oh really? I'll try their cheesecake on the next visit. Thanks! :D