Thursday, October 23, 2008

147. Shimbashi Soba's Tea-time desserts II

It was 3 minutes before the minute-hand striked the number 6 on the watch. 3 minutes left to making your last order for a lunch set. 3 minutes more to making your order of their tea-time desserts. Before I arrived, there were a few people sitting in there just to order their desserts. Shimbashi soba....soba so good. Price also so good. The tea-time desserts only cost $6 which includes a choice of the Japanese desserts and a cup of tea/coffee/green tea/English tea. This is so worthwhile!

Special Dessert Set @$10 (usual $13.80)

I'm a dessert person. So I went for the bigger set which was enough for 2. There were the soba crepe wrapped with yam filling, drizzled with mango juice and topped with fruits, matcha ice-cream, 2 round soba balls, topped with greenish powder and sugar, red bean paste, matcha glutinous cakes with soba powder and the sweetened fried soba.
The soba crepe with the yam filling was the one I didn't like the most. I only ate a quarter of it. I didn't like the filling. Warm on the outside and a raw feel on the inside. It wasn't to my liking. I liked the soba balls best. They looked like the Hakka's abacus beads, formed a hole in the middle. The greenish powder (I suppose matcha powder) mixed with sugar. It was like eating muah chee and the granular bits of sugar.
The matcha glutinous cakes were good too. I liked the emerald green colour of it. Dapped the soba powder, it was like a supporting character. But no, don't be deceived by looks. Pop one into your mouth and you know that was the main lead. It was very tangy. Not too sweet. Light.

I'm going to try the soba cha pudding next time. :P

Tea-time desserts serving from 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Shimbashi Soba
290 Orchard Road
#B1-41 The Paragon
Tel: 6735 9882

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