Saturday, October 25, 2008

149. Seventh Heaven

Gan Eng Seng Secondary School used to stand on the land where the Marketing Institute of Singapore is now. Raeburn Park, behind the Tanjong Pagar railway station, was like a ghost town even though it was just 9pm and the night classes were still going on.
Hidden in the middle of the campus, their cafe's name was printed faintly on the glasses. It was until I flipped the menu outside the door then we knew it was Seventh Heaven.
My makan kaki and I took "great pains" to reach this place. We walked all the way from Raffles Place. Later, we heard from the lady (I suppose 1 of the partners) that they even have customers who walked all the way from Marine Parade. we weren't the worst. Haha. Alright, we took it as a stroll to let our stomach digest the food from dinner and shift out some space for their so much raved ice-cream.

In their menu, they mentioned that their ice-cream was all hand-made with good quality ingredients and thus pricier. Whether they were telling the truth, let their ice-cream proved it. The lady told me that they will be changing their menu next week, adding in more new flavours.
There weren't any customers when we reached there. The environment was very quiet. I liked the bar top chairs.

We ordered the Irish Cream Liqueur and Chocolate and Whisky. 2 scoops @$9.20 (w/o GST)

Their vanilla was darn good. Very rich and aromatic. A very pleasing taste. You could see that their vanilla was made from vanilla pods and not made using vanilla essence.

The Chocolate and Whisky was heavier in taste. But it was very nice too, a great combination. I think chocolate lovers will like it.
I felt having ice-cream at Seventh Heaven was a real indulgence. Not just the price but the taste. And because the ice-cream was so palatable, you wouldn't mind paying more. Haha.
Seventh Heaven
10 Raeburn Park
Tel: 6227 7787

Mon-Thurs: 11 am- 8pm
Fri: 11 am - 11 pm
Sat: 1 pm - 11 pm
Closed on Sundays & PH


  1. hey! i'm going to seventh heaven soon too. their ice-cream is made using amedei chocolate, one of the finest single estate choc around. their 100g bar of choc is like $11, so i think 2 scoops for $9+ is still considered reasonable. moreover in places like gelare, their single scoop is already $4+. thx for the review, makes me wanna check out the place ASAP!

  2. Ya, check it out soon. They really use good quality ingredients. Very yummy ice-cream.