Saturday, October 25, 2008

150. Izakaya Nijumaru

A dinner gathering with a few university friends whom we have not met up for some time @Izakaya Nijumaru. Izakaya almost occupied the half of level 2 @Cuppage plaza. The dining area we were at was a small room filled with tables. They have a few of such rooms. The main one with the open-concept kitchen was already full of people. There were strips of paper of the dishes pasted on the wall. So many but there weren't so many as seen on the menu.

Teriyaki Beef @$13

The teriyaki beef was well-marinated. But I felt it was slightly dry and the miso sauce, a tad too salty.

Yakiudon @$8

The yakiudon was nice. Udon was tangy. Maybe they can add more meat or seafood so that we diners will feel it's more worthwhile.

Unajyu Bento @$20

I didn't have this so I shall reserve my comments. But, the unagi looked very delicious. And judging from the side dishes, I think for a $20, it was pretty worthwhile.

Karubeef @$15

I felt this was much better than the teriyki beef. Maybe because the beef was a fatter slab.

Toritsuk @$7

Shitake @$4

It wasn't aromatic. Taste was just so-so.

Mentaiko @$8

My favourite dish of the night. It would go so well with a bowl of rice. It wasn't too salty. Very nice. Yummy.

Sashimi Moriwase @$38
This was quite a deal. The sashimi was fresh and cut in thick slab. Seaweed was rolled in Ika which was quite delicious. I tasted the maguro which was sweet and fresh.
The total bill added up to $169.49 for 7 pax. I find the food pretty decent. Some of the food were quite a good deal. Because my friend miscalculated the cost, I ended up paying $42 for my share and I didn't realise it until I blogged this entry. It was a lesson for me that I should always check the bill. There goes my allowance. Haha. Forget it.

Izakaya Nijumaru
5 koek road
Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: 6235 6693 / 6235 4857

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