Thursday, November 6, 2008

163. Eu Yan Sang's Herbal Jelly

On a sweltering afternoon, what is the best dessert to have? Maybe you would have want a big bowl of shaved ice-kachang, a scoop of ice-cream and etc. But these are all pretty fattening. You would want something for a change. Eu Yan Seng came out with this 6 flavours in a box of mini packed herbal jelly. I think it is pretty good and most importantly, a healthier choice over the ice-kachang or ice-cream.
They are opening an outlet at Novena Square and thus having a promotion at the atrium. The promotion is from 6 NOV 2008- 9 NOV 2008. Each box is selling only at $19.92 instead of the usual $24.90. Many other products are on sale too, some up to 30% discount.

The Ginseng wine 700ml costs only $50.48 instead of usual $63.10.

The chicken essence is worth buying. Each box selling at $11 only instead of the usual $18.10. A lot of people grabbed a few boxes each.

Do check out the sale @Novena Square!

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