Thursday, November 6, 2008

162. Soon Lee Fried Kway Teow

Tiled flooring, cart designed stalls and bright lighting. The revamped balestier food centre looked so much better. At least it would not flood when it rains. I was there at lunch time. I'm quite surprised that it was not crowded at all. Business didn't seem as brisk as it is during dinner time.

The uncle frying the kway teow. I reminded him twice that my kway teow has to be less oil. I loathed my kway teow to be oil-laden. It makes me sick. No doubt the revamp was good because it made the dining environment cleaner and thus healthier but this also resulted in the hike of food prices.

Yes. My char kway teow wasn't oil-laden. I felt it wasn't black enough. Taste was just so-so. It lacked the wow. The black carrot cake was pretty good if the carrot cake didn't have the slight sourish taste. I guessed it was going to turn bad soon.
Balestier Food Centre
Balestier Road

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