Thursday, November 6, 2008

161. Japanese Pocky

Went to the kiosk to fill up petrol for my car and also get some tidbits to eat. Saw these two flavours so I got one each. There wasn't any pricing on the shelf so I just took them and only to realise the exorbitant prices after payment.

The strawberry flavoured cost $4.80 and the mikan (orange) flavoured cost $3.80. I almost fainted. They are different from the usual pocky we could easily buy from supermarkets. They are imported from Japan. The Japanese tidbits are so expensive.

I was wondering why the strawberry flavoured pocky cost more than the mikan flavoured. See the words on the package? The strawberry flavoured pocky has had strawberry fruit bits in the strawberry coat whereas the mikan flavoured pocky used mikan juice.

The strawberry flavoured pocky.
What differentiates them from the normal pocky? 1 of the reasons I liked Japanese tidbits is their cute packaging. kawaii desu~ The pocky sticks were packed in 5's into 4 packs.
The other reason is because they tasted different. Not just a normal chocolate or strawberry coat over the biscuit stick.

The mikan flavoured pocky smelled great. An orangy smell. It was a thick mikan coat on the stick. If you have a bite of them, you will know the difference between the normal pocky and the imported pocky. It's the quality. Frankly speaking, if we are those tidbits munchers and a fan of Japanese tidbits, I can imagine how much will eating tidbits cost. It will cost a few times more than a normal hawker meal. Haha.


  1. hehe i love japanese snacks and have spent lots on them! believe it or not, in japan there's 50% fruit bits on the pocky!!

  2. Wow...that must be real yummy. But it's ex. keke*