Wednesday, November 5, 2008

160. Steamed Egg Cake

Piping hot steamed egg cake for tea-time. Steamed egg cake made the traditional way. A bite into the fluffy steamed egg cake evoked a sense of deja vu. Remember the days when there wasn't even an electric beater. The steamed egg cakes sold in the bakeries have had baking powder which made the cakes 'huat' and thus resulted in the split surface. Too much baking powder is no good for the body. So, me and my mum made this steamed egg cake that was baking powder free. It 'huat-ed' too even without baking powder.
The steamed egg cake we made wasn't too sweet. I could spread my favourite wild blueberry jam from St Dalfour onto it. It was so tasty. I'm not praising my mum and myself but maybe because the steamed egg cake was made by ourselves, it simply taste delicious! Yummy~

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