Wednesday, November 12, 2008

170. 'No Signboard' Lor Mee

I have had eaten a lot of Lor Mee but this place's Lor Mee is still my number 1 so far. Located at the far end corner of the coffeeshop, identified by the long queue, especially at lunch hours. From my umpteen observations, most of the patrons of the coffeeshop were there for their Lor Mee.

If I didn't remember wrongly, it was $2 a bowl for the small bowl before the coffeeshop revamped. Now, $2.50 for small bowl and $3 for the big bowl.

I got the small bowl.
The Lor Mee was very delicious. The gravy wasn't too heavy on the spices. It had shreds of egg in the gravy. It also had char siew, braised pork and the crispy fried vegetarian dough-like substance. I have no idea what that was but it was my favourite. It was almost everyone's favourite because you will hear people wanting more of that added to their Lor Mee. So, as you eat the Lor Mee, you will be experiencing the crunchy feel. Overall, the taste was fabulous. Add a dash of pepper, a tablespoon of vinegar, chopped chili, garlic and there you go MA MA MIA~
Personally, I felt $2.50 a bowl was cheap and the quantity was fulfilling. Even though the queue was long, 3 helpers at the stall minimised the waiting time.

Coffeeshop at Blk 109
Bukit Purmei Avenue
Closed on Mondays
Opens: 7am to 3.30pm

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