Friday, November 21, 2008

179. The Asian Kitchen

I was greeted by two diligent workers from The Asian Kitchen, a waiter and a waitress when I entered the basement of Republic Plaza. A few times, I passed by at lunch hours, it was crowded. I don't have the intention to have Chinese food for dinner but changed my mind. Good service attitude makes a difference for me, especially after my encounter with Leng Kee.
Asian Chinese loves red because it is a prosperous colour. Being a loud colour, it does make the place more vibrant too.

Pork & vegetable dumplings @$3.90 (4 pieces)

These were freshly made, the waiter told me so. The skin was very thin. The filling wasn't too salty nor were they juicy like xiao long bao. Taste was average. Didn't wow me.

Pan fried dumplings @$5.90

It was pretty similar to the ones I had as seen above. I regretted for not ordering a different filling for my steamed dumplings because it was like tasting the same dish, the only difference being the texture of the skin. The skin was crispy but not to the max though they looked like any minute later, the skin on the bottom is going to be charred.

Zha Jiang Mian @$7.20

It was delicious. The minced meat mixture cooked with fermented soy beans was not too salty nor spicy. The chili oil wasn't too much in amount. The freshly cut cucumber gave the crunch to the noodles and also minimised the grease. Handmade noodles triumphed over machine made noodles.

The noodles was a tad too little for the price it was charged, or rather I would say the noodles was slightly overpriced. They ain't the only one with handmade noodles.
Avocado Snow Shake @$5

It was good but a tad too expensive. Velvety smooth shake without lumps of ice. I hate shakes where the blenders just didn't work well enough to cut the ice.

Total bill was $25.89 for 2 pax. Overall, the taste of food and service of food were above average but slightly pricey for just noodles and dumplings.

The Asian Kitchen
Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Place

Singapore 048619
Tel: 6438 3884

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