Thursday, November 27, 2008

184. The Cocoa Trees

My company allows outside vendors to come into the company's compound to sell their products. Today's chocolates from The Cocoa Trees. Well, they were slightly cheaper than those sold at the outlets. A few items caught my eyes. Frey's surprise citron & poivre and passion pecan & caramel @$3 each.

Surprise citron & poivre - It's not a surprise to find citron or commonly known as lemon in chocolates but what surprised me was the addition of black pepper. The fruity touch of lemon appeared as lemon salts in the chocolates. The black pepper was crunchy and surprisingly didn't have a strong pepper taste. The aftertaste was a mild peppery taste.
Passion pecan & caramel - It was meant as a gift. Comments reserved.

Goldkenn's cappuccino filled crispy crepes @$4. My brother once tried it and said it was very nice. So, when I saw it was available at the sale bazaar, I decided to get a box. I thought it was rather expensive for just 4 rolls of crepes. The crepes were crispy and light. The cappuccino filling wasn't too strongly flavoured. It was slightly bitter. It wasn't to my liking though I'm pretty much a coffee addict.

Available at The Cocoa Trees

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