Sunday, November 30, 2008

188. Amande ~ The Almond Bakery

I was in the mood for macarons so when my friend wanted to go to the Sony flagshop over at Wisma Atria, I decided to get my macaron fix from Amande ~ The Almond Bakery over at Tangs yesterday. Just a moment ago, I saw Fen's entry on macarons. What a coincidence. I felt sometimes food bloggers think alike. There was once I read of two food blogs posting an entry on the same place on the same day. Haha.

I bought a box of assorted flavours at $12 for 12 pieces. Else, $1.20 each. So, at $1 a piece, I think it's most probably the cheapest macaron one can get. Can't choose the flavours but the lady boss said they were the most popular choices. 6 different flavours and each with 2 pieces.

Chocolate macaron, Apple macaron and Chestnut macaron.

I felt the chocolate macaron was a better choice over Obolo's. The chocolate stuffing wasn't as sweet as Obolo's so I wouldn't have mind popping a few more. Chestnut macaron was not so signifcant in taste. I couldn't really make out it was chestnut.

Strawberry macaron.

I felt it was just so-so.

Cheese macaron.

The cheese macaron was with hint of sourness which I didn't like. It was like cheese gone stale.
Apple (green), mango (yellow) and Strawberry (red)

Traffic light macarons. I felt the colours were very vibrant so I decided to take a picture. The apple macaron's cream filling was a little sour. The mango macaron was good. The stuffing was not cream but a bit like the mango gummy.

The shells of the macarons weren't chewy, instead it was very crispy. The chewy granache underneath the crispy shell was not thick enough to account for any chewy touch. A light touch would have break the shells.
Presentation of the macarons was in accordance to the price paid. The sizes of the macarons were not balanced from what I got in the box. Some were too big to fit into the tray. Amande is a good choice for macaron lovers with a budget. Though, it wasn't the best, it was considered decent.
Amande~The Almond Bakery
Tangs (Orchard)
Basement 1


  1. Wow, you make them looks so yummy...

    Nice colour combination :D

  2. Haha..Tks...I need to practise more with my camera. LOL

  3. I have tried the Amande macarons from Tangs outlet too. All I can say is if you guys have tried real Parisian macarons like Pierre Herme's or Laduree's, theirs are not authentic at all, real disappointing. The texture is ALL wrong. Macarons are not meant to be so crispy, and just crispy. In S'pore, only 2 places serve the kinda of authentic texture - Obolo and Canele. Really hope places that don't know how a macaron should taste like find out first before creating and selling them, thus misleading the local crowd of foodies.