Sunday, November 30, 2008

189. Swee Kee (Ka-Soh) Fish Head Noodle House was very crowded on weekdays, very hard to get a table especially at lunch times. Surprisingly, it was not crowded on a Sunday.

I thought it was pickles but it wasn't. I was amazed. Those were the fried pork lard. It was the first time I came across having fried pork lard served together with the pickles. parents started their long ago stories where people only ate rice with fried pork lard bla bla bla. I'm pretty disgusted by how one could have eaten that thing with rice. Some ate the pork lard (in dense liquid form) drizzled over rice. Yucks!

Fried chicken in prawn paste (Har Jiong Gai) @$11.80
I smelt of the pungent prawn paste even before this dish was served on the table. The prawn paste was so strong. I thought this dish should have been a thumbs-up but it wasn't. Pretty disappointed. It came like fried chicken left untouched for some time. I know some restaurants had their fried chicken added with red colouring to make them look more appetizing. But, I must say I'm all against colour additives. I find the chicken pretty tasteless. Not so well-flavoured.

Salt & Pepper Prawns @$18.80

Prawns was big and the meat was firm. It was mediocre. It didn't really make me wow-ed.
Buckwheat Vegetables @$6.50

This was my favourite dish. A plate of greens. I like buckwheat vegetables. This type of vegetable is very crunchy and though didn't look appetizing at all is very tasty. Simply fried with garlic, it tasted better than any other dish.
Braised Tofu @$8.50

Egg tofu was cut in long strips instead of the usual coin size. It was braised with chye-po, minced meat and mushrooms. It was delicious and went very well with plain rice. However, it was very oily. What remained in the plate was a pool of oil and I, for an instant, was annoyed by that sight.

Fish Slices Hor Fun @$13

It wasn't as good as I have expected it to be. I had thought it should be very tasty since they are the expert in this dish besides the fish head noodles. The thinly sliced fish slices were very fresh but overall the hor fun lacked the oomph. Also, it was oily. It was far-fetched than Hong Kong Street's version.
Overall, the bill was $74.45 for 5 pax. I felt it was slightly expensive for the dishes we had and the dishes were pretty oily.

Swee Kee(Ka-Soh)
96 Amoy Street


  1. I had dinner there tonight and ordered only 2 dishes - fish head noodle soup for 2p and 1 beansprouts fried with salted fish. The bill came up to S$30 which I thought was pretty expensive. The food was pleasant enough but lacked the WOW factor raved by many. I was particulary disappointed with the attitude of the waitress/owner who overcharged me on a dish. I asked for the price of a takeaway fishhead noodle soup - she told me it will cost $5. When i asked to have the noodle and soup separate, she said it will cost $8.70. I questioned the additional $3.70 and she said that it is the way it is. When i asked another waitress, she said that they do not charge for separating the soup and noodle. However, when i told her that the previous waitress said it will cost me additional, she quickly said that she was not responsible for taking orders. In summary, the waitresses/owners demonstrated an arrogrance where they believed their food is so good that the customers will pay whatever price they call out. Anyway, I will not go back to Swee Kee (Ka Soh) nor recommend it to any of my friends and family.

  2. Hi Ting, I do agree that their food is not as fantastic as the others had said and I am very amazed by the crowd whenever I passed by Ka-Soh. It's quite upset to hear what you've encountered. I believed it was due to the good business which resulted in the arrogance. It's really undesirable if the waitress counted the extra $3.70 on purpose. Tks for sharing.
    Cheers ^.^