Tuesday, December 2, 2008

191. The Palace Korean Restaurant

Kim Bap @$6

I had a quick lunch at The Palace this afternoon as I was supposed to attend to some matters in that area. Well, it isn't really a restaurant. The name of it made it sound like it's really something like Dae Jeung Geum. Don't hold your hopes too high, especially at lunch hours, even a palace will lose its shine. It is more like an eatery or maybe a Korean Express.
A look at the menu, it's either ra-myon, kim bap or bibimbap. The rice sets were more or less the same. There were about 20 choices to choose from. Most of the people had ra-myon. It wasn't to my liking. I personally felt it isn't worth to pay $6 to have a bowl of Korean instant noodles. No doubt, they added extra ingredients to the noodles to make it a not so pathetic bowl of noodles, it still didn't trigger my taste buds. I think instant noodles are of minimal nutrition and it seemed pretty oily to me.
I preferred lunch to be light and if possible, not too oily. A heavy lunch will result in lethargic work attitude or even make one fall asleep. Even though, I took a half day off and didn't need o return to work, I chose kim bap over ra-myon. No oil and healthy. It was quite nicely wrapped. They sprinkled sesame seeds over the kim bap and my kim bap smelt nice.
The Palace Korean Restaurant

Chevron House
30 Raffles Place
Tel: 6327-4555

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