Sunday, January 11, 2009

219. Atlantis Seafood Village

This Kranji Farm Resort opened with a big bang in Nov last year, inviting Taiwan celebrity host, Jacky Wu, to grace its opening. Its opening made the deserted Kranji area packed with people. There was quite a crowd when I visited it just a moment ago. Some were having BBQ.

The restaurant, Atlantis Seafood Village has a open-concept kitchen. The place was very big. Tables were placed under the pitched up tents. In the background, music was heard from the ktv lounge a short distance away.

A wide range of seafood to choose from.

Braised peanuts

La La

The first dish we have ordered but it was taken back. The first taste was delicious. If you have noticed, only a few of the shells were opened. If the la la-s were cooked, the shells would have open. We thought they weren't thoroughly cooked so we asked for them to be cooked again. The waitress returned with apologies. The dish was cancelled because the la la weren't fresh. Supposedly the shells wouldn't open even after being cooked the second time round.

Cream Sauce Pan-Fried Lobster @$53.40

We got a lobster which weighed 600g. It was quite small though. The cream sauce was just so-so. I think they added too much thyme if that was thyme they have added. The lobster has a weird taste. Not the fresh taste but rather of those frozen meat. Overall, it wasn't palatable.

Chinese Spinach @$15

This chinese spinach came adorned in red gravy. Red extract from the spinach. It was the first time I have seen spinach cooked with salted egg yolk and century egg. Frankly speaking, the 2 eggs didn't add any special taste to the dish. I didn't really like this dish. The more I ate, the more I felt sick with the thought of the gluey century egg mixed with the spinach.

Pork Ribs @$20

It was well-marinated but not thoroughly cooked. I personally felt the meat they have chosen was a tad too fat. The proportion of fat was more than the lean meat. And this resulted in the pork ribs to be slightly oily which oozed out from the fats.

Crispy Fried Beancurd with Pork Floss @$18

I felt this was just mediocre. The beancurd wasn't the softest nor the silkest I ever have had. The beancurd wasn't very crispy on its exterior. The pork floss was rather tasteless and was dispensable.
Scallop with Satay Paste @$30
We had the la la replaced with this dish. Actually it wasn't satay paste that I have tasted of. It was more of the "sha cha" paste, a Chinese condiment favoured by the Taiwanese. It has a savoury and slight spicy taste. This dish didn't wow me either.

Our bill worked out to be $162 for 5 pax. I felt it was slightly expensive and not worthwhile for the taste was just so-so and the location was pretty out of the place if you do not own your own transport. I think they do provide free transportation from one of the nearest MRT stations during the weekends. The main attraction would be the environment. I felt it was very relaxing, like being at the outskirts of a town.
Atlantis Seafood Village
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Singapore 718813


  1. where's this place man, seems ulu. haha. prices are definitely expensive i think even for seafood restaurants like jumbo, seafood paradise all those are not as expensive.