Saturday, February 21, 2009

228. Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

I had my dinner at Ah Yat last night. We made a few rounds before we finally managed to find the location, The Village. The focus for the night's dinner - LIVE Seafood! Despite being a friday night, it wasn't as crowded as I had expected. However, they still had the air-con on full blast. I was freezing, warmed after a few sips of hot tea. Ah Yat is famous for their abalone. I had it when I was very young, I could still remember the Hong Kong chef, Ah Yat had personally cooked for us. It was live demostration then. I had some other seafood this time round. It was almost after a decade I visited Ah Yat again.
The variety of shells, clams.....
Oysters, bamboo clams.......
Crabs selling at $1.60 per 100g!!!
The man and the Alaska crabs....

There was quite a variety of seafood available and all were priced at 50% discounted price.
Deep fried silver fish with salt @$10
This was an appetizer. I felt it tasted more like french fries but a harder version. There wasn't much visible fish meat. I felt if some black pepper was added, it could have been better.
5 Bamboo clams @$44 $22

Steamed garlic bamboo clams. I felt the way Ah Yat have done it was a little oily. Nevertheless, the clam's meat was firm and tangy. After 50% disc, it was just $4.40 for 1 bamboo clam. Other places would have cost $7-$9 for one bamboo clam.
This dish was cancelled because most of the shells were not opened. I tasted one but it wasn't great. The meat was a tad overcooked, it was rubbery. It wasn't very nice.
Australian lobster, 1.6kg @$236.80 $118.40
This was the best lobster that I have tasted this year. We had it cooked in stock. The lobster was full of meat, fresh and sweet. The meat was like that of fresh scallop, so succulent and juicy. Can you believe it, it was really so cheap.....the last Indonesian lobster I had a month ago was just 700g and it cost near $90!
Roasted Chicken (half) @$10

We had some non-seafood dish, the roasted chicken. The chicken wasn't exceptionally great nor was it the worst that I have tasted so far. The best roasted chicken I have tasted so far was from Boon Lay Raja Restaurant.
Spinach @$12

I'm pretty surprised that the greens cost more than the chicken. Cooked with garlic whole, it went well with rice.
Complimentary fruits

Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls @$4

Yes. This was the portion for $4 which I thought was very expensive. It was the size of the soup bowl that we had at restaurant. The red bean soup was quite watery, not many beans.

Our bill worked out to be $227.60 but with the coupon discount, we had another $10.60 deducted. So, the bill was $217. I felt it was cheap for the seafood we had. There were a few that I have not had and definitely will be back before the promotion of 50% discount on live seafood ends in March. Baked oysters, braised abalone and etc......
Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
#01-01 The Village
Singapore 629143
Tel: 6265 8218

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