Sunday, March 1, 2009

229. New York New York

Ever since New York New York made its first debut in Singapore at the City Link, there has been throngs of people, especially young people patronising it. I wasn't. Not that I don't belong to the young people but rather because I was not in Singapore then. Even when I returned to Singapore, I did not patronise it. But now, NYNY made its way to the heartlands. Life at heartlands is different now as compared to it was 15 years ago. More and more shops and restaurants which we could only find in town are moving into the heartlands. This is one good news for people like me who dislikes having to be 'squirming' through the crowd in town or standing in long queues just to get my butt on the warm seat. Squirming....What a word to use! I ain't kidding, take a look at the crowd along Orchard belt and you will know that is quite an appropriate word to use.

Clam Chowder @$7.90

I had expected it to at least served with some bread or like Swensen's, in a bread bowl but it wasn't. I was shocked. Shocked by the price and the quantity. It was just the size of a normal soup bowl. The only difference was I could find clam meat in it. I find the clam chowder too thick. When it was still hot, it was quite nice but when it slowly turned chill, the chowder became gooey and I thought it was pretty gross. There was also a fishy seafood taste. Most probably due to mishandling of the clams.

Root Beer Float @$7.90
Another $7.90. The thought that came to my mind was "hmmm....everything seems a tad pricey here."

Hot Buffalo Wings @$7.90
It was oil-ladened. I felt the breaded crust was slightly thick which made the drumsticks felt skimpy. Not spicy enough. The pizza hut's version was a much better version, with the slick of chili oil and the after-spiciness.

Tagliatelle Alfredo & Fried Fish @$12.90

I was in for pasta so I went for tagliatelle. It was a boo. The alfredo sauce was too heavy in cheese and it was a tad too thick. The quantity of tagliatelle was quite small. The mushrooms were over sauteed. The only consolation was the fried fish which was fresher than I had expected.

Latino Chicken Chop @$13.90
Had the price of salt dipped? The crux laid in the brown sauce but I felt it was too salty. The amount of black pepper could have been more. The dressing for the salad was a little too sourish.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza @$13.90

Was it uncooked? My brother asked. Yes was my reply. The dough had not fully risen. Tasteless pizza. Buffalo chicken chunks should have been marinated and full of flavour but what I have tasted were bland chicken breast chunks.

A lot of food were left unfinished. It was a waste of food but the food was simply not appealing. The bill worked out to be about $75. I felt it was a tad expensive and considering the quality of food served, I doubt I will be making my way there again. Pasta mania, on the other hand served a better plate of pasta at the same price.

New York New York
Lot One Shoppers Mall
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
Singapore 689812


  1. Looks like NYNY didn't impress you.

    I had the Tagliatelle Alfredo & Fried Fish yesterday and I have difficulty finishing it as the sauce is relatively rich and creamy... but I was quite surprised none of the dishes impressed you since my clique like it pretty much. Their buger was a disappointment to Yuan though but the cheesy chicken and meatball bolognese seem good...

  2. Yup...I couldn't finish my tagliatelle too...I felt sinful after the meal because it gave me the feeling that none of the food I had was healthy...oil-laden and