Sunday, June 7, 2009

270. Bao Today

Egg Century Porridge @$4.80

Braised Chicken Claws @$2.50
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice @$6.50
A tad too sweet.
Fragrant Glutinous Rice @$2.80
Xiao Long Bao @$3
Prawn Dumplings @$3.50
"鹿鼎记" (Lu Ding Ji) Deer Meat Buns @$4.80
I was curious how would the deer meat buns taste like. Deer meat is more tender than pork and could have very well taste great but it didn't. The deer meat fillings was dry and all stuck in a lump. The bun was rather tasteless and the crust was also dry. The big name and yet the disappointed results.
Banana and Bean Paste Pastry @$1
I did not see the banana but every bite was filled with the taste of banana. Most probably smashed together with the bean paste. $1 a piece was relatively cheap and could well make a nice snack.
BBQ Pork Rice Rolls @$2
Bao Today's Special Black Sesame Buns @$1.80
Didn't eat this, comments reserved.
Paper-wrapped Chicken @$2
Didn't eat this, comments reserved.
Fried Mango and Prawn Pastry @$2.80
I find it a tad too oily.
House Special Brewed Tea @$1.50
Nothing special but just Pu'er tea.

Overall bill worked out to be about $42. It was cheap, it would not have been this amount if they were eaten at a restaurant. But, the quality was also what you have paid for. I personally felt the dim sum was below average. The dim sum were served in smaller portions too. It was more of like food to fill the stomach (for the amount we have ordered) but didn't satisfy the tastebuds. I felt that the dim sum were like made ready in a factory and then sent over to the restaurant.

Bao Today
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Tel: 6336 2237


  1. the deer meat looks dry from the pic already, but it has an interesting name! lu ding ji...hehe

  2. Ya...I guessed many were conned by the name. Haha