Saturday, June 13, 2009

274. Earle Swensen's

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TGIF! (Thank God It's Friday!) Everyone wants a night out on friday, be it indulgence in food, desserts, alcoholic beverages and da da da. The headache comes when it is dinner time. Every restaurant has a queue, even for some which are not as popular, just that their queues are a tad shorter. This was what happened at Vivocity last night. In celebration of a friend's birthday, we met up for dinner. Turned off by the long queue over at Sushi Tei, we made a turn to the other end for Earle, which we didn't have to wait for long before we got our table.
Earle Swensen's at Vivocity has a salad bar. Some of the main courses comes with free-flow salad and so we got our 'rojak' salad. Else, get a free-flow salad for $11.90. I think mine didn't look that bad actually. It's good that greens are available at free-flow amongst the oily grilled and fried foods.
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Fish and Chips @$17.90
All-time favourite, that's what they have stated on their menu. Golden-fried fish fillet with fries and served with tar-tar sauce. Tar-tar sauce is a must have for fish and chips. Fish was soggy on the interior. Lacked the oomph. I preferred Fish & Co's over theirs.

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BBQ Chicken Burger @$15.90
Charbroiled giant chicken thigh on a layer of tomato slices, topped with fresh mushrooms and slathered with BBQ sauce in a grilled bun and potato wedges. The portion was a tad too big.
LIC said burgers could look sexy. I think that's because they had managed the art of seduction. I would say here's a novice. Comments reserved for taste.

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Fried Chicken Delight @$18.90
Finally here.
"The chicken is fresh."
"Ya, they just managed to catch the running chicken and slaughtered it."
Golden-fried chicken cutlet, treated to secret marinade, served with U.S. fries, garnished with jackfruit salsa. I noticed the fries came a tad oil-ladened, not those crispy fried. The breaded chicken was crispy on the interior and tender on the interior though. The secret marinade added a mild flavour to the chicken. Chicken won the fish in the race on the dining table.

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( L -> R): Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Frosted Chocolate Malt, Chocolate Crunch @$8.30 ea
A meal is never satisfying without the desserts. On a general statistics count, Singaporeans' top favourite flavour is chocolate. Not a surprice, we got the 3 sundaes under chocoholic cravings on their menu. Frosted chocolate malt triumphed over the other 2 as the best sundae. Chewy chocolate was a tad too sweet with the hot fudge. Chocolate crunch had loads of crunchy morsels (rice crisps) which added texture to the ice-cream. But not shiok enough. Frosted chocolate malt was coupled with chocolate balls which gave a bigger crunch and more importantly was I felt it was not very sweet. Don't live like there's no chocolates tomorrow.

Overall bill worked out to be about $91 for 3 pax. I didn't quite like the dining environment, having had to walk out with 'smoked' clothes. Service was prompt and friendly.

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Earle Swensen's
Tel: 6272 3306


  1. It seems that the ice-creams glasses have changed, but have they shrunk? Previously it was the round-bottom ones.

  2. Hi Harris, not so sure abt this. But they are definitely shorter than the coit tower (sundae). ^.^