Tuesday, September 8, 2009

317. Mart Boulevard II

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Phad Thai @$4.90

I would like to call it the Thai char kway tiao. No cockles, no sausages and no black sauce. In place, there were tofu, crushed peanuts and fish sauce. This is Phad Thai. A simple dish it is, yet one of the national dishes of Thai. Phad Thai is sweet because of the addition of fish sauce (which I felt is the crux condiment) and for some had added sugar. I like the Phai Thai served here. It was delicious. The fish sauce was not overpowering. The slight sourish taste due to the tamarind juice made the phad thai appetizing. The only flaw I found was it was not served piping hot and this led me to suspect the food was pre-cooked to handle the lunch crowd. Probably.

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Thai Fish Cakes @$5.50

News headline. "Counsellor attacked by patient, Manslaughter murderer on the prowl".

Victim: Foodies Queen, the counsellor.
Weapon: Fish bones.
Murderer's Features: 'Notorious'. Clad in a rugged attire, skinny and not highly distinctive. Accompanied by a sexy partner.
Victim's Statement: I adviced and talked to him. I thought I have pried his heart, I saw his inner soul, unbothered by his unappealing appearance. I urged his sexy partner to stick through thin and thick with him. He looked like a simple man. But....never did I think of his sudden attack against me.

If you see the above murderer, please report.

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Green Chicken Curry w rice @$5.90

The green curry did not look appealing but do not judge by its appearance because it is definitely not that yucky. I am not sure if it is the same across all Thai restaurants to cook curry using a high content of coconut milk but the one here did. It was fragrant and sweet. My mum always say to cook tasty curry, you need to add more sugar and coconut milk. I did not eat the green curry but I saw lots of onions in it. Onions will make the gravy sweet. Just like when you cook vegetables curry, the vegetables which were fried will give a sweet taste than those not.

3 of us had a quick lunch which cost in total about $25. To me, Mart Boulevard is a Thai food restaurant with Indochina setting and yet working in an express mode during lunch. There was also the al-alfresco dining area outside the restaurant. I preferred to sit indoors with the intricate sculptures keeping me occupied while waiting for my food to be served. The normal pace returned during the off-peak hours. Service staffs were very amiable.

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