Sunday, January 9, 2011

371. Tawandang Microbrewery

YUM SENG! The last dinner of year 2010 has to be good and it was! Decided to try Tawandang, it's new outlet at Suntec. Woosh! The place was huge.
Pork Knuckle! It was very cripsy and dipped into the special chili sauce, it was heavenly.

Another fried dish and it came with a different dipping chili sauce. It was so nice as well.

Cockles and nah.....I'm not a lover of it. But the rolled vermicelli went very well with the peanutty sauce.
This is a die-die must try dish! I love it!! Squid in a lemongrass soup and as the warmer warms the soup, the juicy squid immersed in the soup makes the soup sweeter. There was also roe in the squid. Yummilicious!!

Pineapple rice was moist and with the raisins and nuts, it went well with the rest of the dishes we had.

Overall, we were all very satisfied with the food we had because we find every dish yummy. However, it was on the rather pricey side. Final bill worked out to approximately $220+ for 4 pax. Singaporeans, always willing to pay more for nice food! I'll be visiting it again soon!

Tawandang Microbrewery

Suntec Convention Centre #01-01

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