Saturday, December 1, 2012

373. ChateauAsia - Champagne Tasting

Just before the week ends smoothly, I find myself again accepted an invite - the invitation to ChateauAsia's wine tasting held at Tower Club. My vague recollection of some brochures on wealth banking reminded me of Tower Club's exclusivity for her members, situated on the 64th level penthouse (Straits Bar) of Republic Plaza. Very near to my office, I thought. It was rather an easy access up to Tower Club. When I've arrived, Straits Bar was already crowded with many people. The night has already begun with champagne free-flow. I did a quick search online before I make my way to the event and saw that the event was also opened to public, selling on Eventbrite and probably some others as well. Early birds pay $50, they've got a great deal!

ChateauAsia is an online shop specialising in wine, French wine. Everything via a click and the wine is delivered to your doorstep. They also have monthly tastings at Quinze Bouteilles (literally fifteen bottles) in Chinatown if you would like to taste their wine selection before making any purchase. You could also pick up your bottles at Quinze Bouteilles.

Food to lace the stomach. Salmon canapes, Parma Ham Melon, Creamy Mushroom Vol au vent and etc.

The event brought me to 6 types of champagne. Chardonnay, Jaillance, Charles du Roy But, Paul Louis Martin Grand Cru, Heidsieck Monopole Rosé Brut, Ruinart Blanc de Blanc and lastly the most expected Dom Perignon 1999.

Just an occasional drinker, not a wine connoiseur to start with, and here champagne, definitely an introduction to a new arena. I was first welcomed by Chardonnay, Jaillance ($25/bot). Single variety of grape, as it's name suggested. Pale yellow under the light, tiny bubbles and light on the palate. Drink young.

Charles du Roy But ($49/bot) was more refreshing than the first and had a similar citrus and floral smell. However, the sourish index was also relatively high as my sense of taste advised.

Heidsieck Monopole Rosé Brut ($75/bot) was the one I was more keen to go for. Rosé, always one of the ladies' favourite. Light, vivacious and the bright & clear colour definitely sweetened the mood. Generally, it was the berries that got the wine gone pink. And the colour intensity of Rosé is not constrained within pink. Got to know from the lady boss that there is a practising winemaking technique called blending method, mixing the wine with red wine to achieve the impart of the colour. Note that winemaking is very much dependant on types of grapes produced under unpredictable weather conditions.

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc

Smelled citrus and floral, was light and crisp to the palate.

Dom Perignon 1999 ($229/bot). I learnt that those wines with years are called vintage wines, meaning to say the grapes used for making the wine were grapes harvested in the same year. Dom Perignon is always a vintage champagne, meaning not made in weak years. Also explains why they are expensive. The champagne was smooth to throat and had very elegant streams of small bubbles you could almost count. Cheers to the night!

Thanks to ChateauAsia for having me at the event.

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