Wednesday, March 13, 2013

376. Triple Three - Norwegian Delicacies

I went on an invited dinner session by Triple Three, attracted by the email titled seafood from Norway. Salmon was the first thing that came across my mind. Forgive my shallow knowledge, I forgot that there are much more than just salmon that swim in the sea in Norway!

Chef Adrian Levoid

It was quite nice to have this Norwegian-born young handsome chef, Adrian Levoid with us for the night. Not only good food for the palate, handsome chef pleasing to the eyes as well. A promising chef indeed. He is only 25 years old. The night was lined up with delicacies. Chef Adrian personally prepared 3 of his signature dishes for all the invited guests. First of all, the scallops which he had us seeing him demonstrating in the above picture.

Scallops (Jerusalem artichoke, watercress, Japanese onion and fennel seeds)

I am quite sure that I was kidnapped by the mash that laid underneath the scallop. It was something quite different, I thought. Ah! The artichoke. Have never tasted one before. It was butter creamy and sweet. Nice. The seared scallop was fresh and sweet, quickly melts in the mouth (not in the hands). Surprisingly, the two matched well though the artichoke was also sweet, contrast in taste was distinct. 

Neither one stole the limelight.
We are young.

King Crab (Chervil, cauliflower, sauce on the shell)

The presentation of this dish made me think of the movie "Life of Pi". The boy left sailing on a boat. Despite perils, survived strong. So here was the king crab. I felt the king crab itself was already bursting with sweetness, the cauliflower puree was probably more than required. Still, down it with the freshness of seafood.

Salmon Asparagus (brown butter emulsion and fennel seeds)

This was one of the best I had for the night. Salmon was really fresh. Chef Adrian had done it to such tenderness that really melts away in my mouth the moment I had them and I just wanna sing "I got the moves like jagger". I felt the fish moved like a jagger. The brown butter emulsion tasted like salted caramel.

The night was not left lonely with these 3 dishes. 

 Oooo I loved the Norway sweet prawn! The Norway halibut, salmon.......Just not enough with one serving. Kee Chiew! for a YES! to another serving.

Norwegian Seafood Bouillabaisse 
(Monkfish, Codfish, Mussel, Norway Lobster Scampi,Sweet Prawn)

I thought the broth was rather rich but a tad too salty.

I must say the poached lobsters were super good. Too bad that my photo did not turn out well due to the lighting and because I was using my phone to capture these photos. My dslr didn't work that night. The meat was succulent and sweet and Viola! Again, one is never enough.

Freshly shucked oysters was yum yum, the king crab was mama-mia. 
That night was the night that I probably had the most seafood fresh seafood from a buffet line. Yes, from the buffet. I am rather fussy about eating seafood at buffets, not the ones by Triple Three though.

Last but not least, never leave the table without the delectable desserts. 

Join in the celebration of seafood from Norway with Triple Three!
Available from 12-28 March 2013, for dinner only. 
For reservations, please call 6831 6288 or email

Thanks to Triple Three for having me. 

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