Sunday, August 31, 2008

76. Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Pickles - tofu and peanuts @$3 Custard buns @$4
Mini egg tarts @$3.20
Century egg porridge @$3
Char siew buns @$3.20
Chicken feet @$3
Glutinous rice rolls (Chee Chong Fun) @$5.40
Seafood roll @$7
Char Siew @$8

Sio-bak (roasted pork) @$10

Fried Mango Ice-cream @$6

Hashima with red dates @$9/serving

Carpark redemption

Not just Macdonald for breakfast on sundays. Wah Lok is a cantonese restaurant. The cantonese love eating dimsum and yum cha (sip tea). Many of us love dimsum as much as the cantonese. If you want to eat dimsum at Wah Lok, please remember to make your reservations, else join the queue. The dimsum degustation begins......

The pickles (tofu and peanuts) were nice, not just a usual plate of peanuts served at many restaurants. The custard buns were not those with just the egg custard fillings but egg custard with coconut shreds. It was quite nice. The mini egg tarts with its fluffy crust were pretty good too. It was in bite size. I think the size was just right. If the egg tarts were of normal size we usually get at those bakeries, 1 egg tart would have half-fill the ladies' stomach.

The century egg porridge was good. It had salted egg, some ham bits, meat chunks and century egg. I didn't like the meat chunks. I would not have mind so much if they were made into bits. The char siew buns, all-time favourite. The chicken feet was good and cheap. The chee chong fun, I ordered the ones with scallops. I have expected a better one since it was Wah Lok, but it was just so-so. I guess the chee chong fun wasn't the best dumsim there.

The seafood roll was filled with shreds of cucumber, crab meat and some other ingredients mixed with mayonnaise. It was delicious. The char siew, I would say it was above average. Why? Though it may not be on the top few dishes of the list for many, it was near the top on my list. They used lean meat for the char siew. It was a much healthier choice. My brother agreed too.

The sio-bak was the best! Die die must try! I didn't know the sio-bak could go well with the mustard sauce. The mustard sauce had a pretty choking taste, could have been the american wild mustard type. The auntie with the trolley said sio-bak was always fast swiped off her trolley. The dishes on her trolley were the sunday's specials. They only made certain dishes that were off the menu on every sundays. I wanted to eat the yolk buns. But she said they didn't have it today. Aiya.....

Desserts were the fried mango ice-cream and hot hashima with red dates. The hashima was pretty expensive because there were not much hashima in the bowl. The fried ice-cream, it was a craze a few years back. The fried layer was thin and I think with the mango ice-cream, it was good. 1 serving at $6 was expensive though. I think it was not worthwhile to have desserts at Wah Lok.

Overall, I would say the dimsum I had at Wah Lok was pretty above the average. Compared to Yum Cha Restaurant, Wah Lok is better. The service at Wah Lok was really commendable. They will keep changing new plates for you and fill your teapots. What is more attractive, the carpark fee per entry on sundays is $6, but Wah Lok gives you free redemption for your car! Good deal!

Wah Lok Restaurant

Carlton Hotel 2nd Storey

76 Bras Basah Road

Singapore 189558

Lunch : 11:30am – 2:30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
(Sundays & Public Holidays)11:00am – 2:30pm

Dinner6.30pm – 10pm (Daily)

Tel: 6311 8188/9

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